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US States with the most Cannabis Users

If you’re wondering which states have the most marijuana users per capita, here’s the answers…
The top marijuana using state isn’t California (#16) or Colorado (#8).  It’s Vermont, surprisingly! Second in the list is the District of Colombia, followed by Oregon, Alaska and Washington.

These are some of the northern most states in the country where people tend to spend more time indoors due to inclement weather, so that could be one reason why they came out on top.

At the other extreme, states that do not have a lot of cannabis users per capita are: Alabama (#51), Utah… Continue reading

Caribbean Nations Legalize Cannabis

St Kitts and Nevis
The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has finalized and approved legislation for ‘the responsible use of cannabis’ to take effect on the Internationally Recognized Day of Cannabis, April 20, 2024.

In 2020, the island nation/state decriminalized small amounts of cannabis. The islands have been pot-friendly for decades, so it is a logical path for them.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship and Creative Economy, The Honourable Samal Mojah Duggins at a Cannabis Farm. (Contributed photo)

“This is a significant step in the Government’s plan to develop a responsible, professional and sustainable medical… Continue reading

US Cannabis Sales WAY Up!

2024’s predicted cannabis sales will be in excess of $31 BILLION dollars. That’s pretty high! More than triple from just 2019.

David Craig, chief marketing officer of Missouri licensed cannabis producer Illicit Gardens, said “It should be clear by now that cannabis isn’t going anywhere.”

“If the federal government is going to drag its feet on descheduling, then it’s up for the states to take the lead in removing regulatory hurdles to operators, especially multi-state ones,” Craig wrote in an email. “What most outside the industry don’t realize is the extreme burden operating without uniform standards across legal states.”

Biden Proposes Marijuana Reform in his State of the Union address

“No one should be jailed just for using or possessing marijuana.” — President Biden, March 7, 2024

In his final State of the Union address before his upcoming reelection campaign, President Joe Biden mentioned his directive to review the federal classification of marijuana. He also referenced his pardon proclamation for cannabis offenses, stating that he is clearing thousands of convictions for simple possession, emphasizing his stance that no one should be incarcerated for using or having marijuana.

The president has frequently highlighted the pardons he has granted in previous speeches. Speaking about this issue during the State of the Union… Continue reading

Cannabis Does Not Affect Driving Ability

New Research from Australia highlights the fact that using prescribed doses of cannabis does not interfere with driving ability.  Selecting only medical marijuana patients for the study, and using simulated driving, researchers discovered little to no impairment when people consumed moderate amounts of cannabis.

Our main finding was the absence of impairment on a simulated highway driving task. We noted that patients consuming their medication as prescribed drove with slightly greater consistency in highway driving speed and reported a decrease in the perceived effort required to drive

The study measured how 40 drivers responded 2.5 hours after consumption and… Continue reading

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