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Weed Biofactories

Imagine a steel vat filled with healthy, organic yeast creating THC, CBDs and other cannabinoids as their waste byproduct, which is harvested for both medical and recreational use.

This is now, not the future. Cannabis entrepreneurs have suddenly been flooded with tons of investment money and are using scientific research to find new ways of increasing production yields, improving quality, and to continue providing cannabis-based products to the ever-expanding marketplace.

The push is on to satisfy the millions of users in newly legal states in the USA, and around the world. In recent years the use of CBDs for medical… Continue reading

Lab Testing Cannabis

So, you got a fat sack from your friend, do you have any idea what’s in there besides those choice nugs?

Did you know there’s a huge chance that it’s got a fair share of mold spores, fungicide residue and most likely some pesticide. The kind of thing a lab can test for, and prevent you from getting sick from the use of it.

Bud damaged by mold.

Sad, but it’s true. Since California passed it’s ‘legalization’ law last year, many dispensaries and manufacturers of cannabis products have begun testing their cannabis. Some have in fact quietly pulled product from… Continue reading

Cannabis Revitalizes Brain in Older Mice

A new scientific study on the effects of cannabis on mice of varying ages showed that mature and older mice exhibited vastly improved memory and cognitive abilities when given a daily dose of cannabis extract.  The change was so drastic, the older mice performed as well as drug-free young mice in memory tests.

Unexpectedly, younger mice who were given the same dose, performed worse on the same tests than the older mice who were given cannabis.

“These results reveal a profound, long-lasting improvement of cognitive performance resulting from a low dose of THC treatment in mature and old animals,” the scientists write. The boost in brain function was linked to an apparent restoration of gene expression in the brain to more youthful levels.

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Bong Appetit!

Over the years there have been so many cannabis cooking videos teaching us how to incorporate our favorite herb into many different edible treats. Now we have entered a new age of cannabis cuisine, with chefs incorporating many of the latest experimental cooking techniques in their cooking.

Everything from flash freezing to terpenoid extraction are used to infuse cannabis into delectible edibles. The series visits various cannabis businesses and shows how they prepare their special treats. Whether it’s ice cream, cocktails, pizza, or incredibly elaborate catered dinners, Bong Appetit gets down with the entrepreneurs and chefs who are at the cutting edge of the cannabis edible scene.

The show is full of great ideas for making edibles and inspiring for those looking to open a new cannabis business.

Here’s a sample segment from Bong Appetit.

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Study: Synthetic THC Kills Leukemia Cells


Tubingen, Germany: The administration of FDA-approved synthetic THC (dronabinol) induces death in leukemia cell lines and offers a “low-toxic therapy option” for patients with cancer, according to findings published online in the journal BMC Cancer.

German researchers evaluated the impact of dronabinol on leukemia cells. Investigators reported that synthetic THC displayed “remarkable anti-proliferative as well as pro-apoptopic efficacy … in a broad spectrum of acute leukemia cell lines.” These findings “provide a promising rationale for the clinical use of cannabinoids … in distinct entities of acute leukemia,” they concluded.

Preclinical data dating back over four decades has consistently documented the… Continue reading

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