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US States with the most Cannabis Users

If you’re wondering which states have the most marijuana users per capita, here’s the answers…
The top marijuana using state isn’t California (#16) or Colorado (#8).  It’s Vermont, surprisingly! Second in the list is the District of Colombia, followed by Oregon, Alaska and Washington.

These are some of the northern most states in the country where people tend to spend more time indoors due to inclement weather, so that could be one reason why they came out on top.

At the other extreme, states that do not have a lot of cannabis users per capita are: Alabama (#51), Utah (#50), Texas (#49) and Mississippi (#48).  None of those states have legalized recreational cannabis yet. These are mostly conservative southern states so no surprise there.

Source: https://247tempo.com/this-state-with-most-residents-using-marijuana-ranking-all-50-states/