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Biden Proposes Marijuana Reform in his State of the Union address

“No one should be jailed just for using or possessing marijuana.” — President Biden, March 7, 2024

In his final State of the Union address before his upcoming reelection campaign, President Joe Biden mentioned his directive to review the federal classification of marijuana. He also referenced his pardon proclamation for cannabis offenses, stating that he is clearing thousands of convictions for simple possession, emphasizing his stance that no one should be incarcerated for using or having marijuana.

The president has frequently highlighted the pardons he has granted in previous speeches. Speaking about this issue during the State of the Union address carries significant weight. He reiterated his belief that no one should be imprisoned solely for using or possessing marijuana.

President Biden’s decision to address the issue during the State of the Union reflects a recognition of the growing support for cannabis reform, particularly as the November election approaches. Recent polls suggest that his actions on marijuana could boost his favorability among voters, highlighting the potential political benefits of his stance on cannabis reform.