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Grow On: 30 Years of Sensi Seeds!

Congratulations to Sensi Seeds and Ben Dronkers on their 30th Anniversary!

Sensi Seeds, one of the oldest seedbanks still in existence is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special exhibition, “Grow On: 30 Years of Sensi Seeds!” in their Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum in Barcelona.

Founded in 1985 by Ben Dronkers, Sensi Seeds became the largest cannabis genetic seed bank in the world, enabling recreational and medicinal growers alike to get access to the highest quality of cannabis genetics.

From the late seventies until the mid-eighties, Dutch philanthropist Ben Dronkers traveled the world, seeking out the best… Continue reading

DEA Director Calls Medical Marijuana a “Joke”

Join the discussion: DEA Chief Says Medical Marijuana Is a ‘Joke’

Apparently, to be the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, you must ignore Science and believe that marijuana has no medicinal value and is as bad as heroin. The interim DEA Director, Chuck Rosenberg, has now called medical marijuana a “joke”.

Chuck Rosenberg - Interim Director of the DEA

What really bothers me is the notion that marijuana is also medicinal — because it’s not.” We can have an intellectually honest debate about whether we should legalize something that is bad and dangerous, but don’t call it medicine — that is a joke…. There are pieces of marijuana — extracts or constituents or component parts — that have great promise” medicinally, he said. “But if you talk about smoking the leaf of marijuana — which is what people are talking about when they talk about medicinal marijuana — it has never been shown to be safe or effective as a medicine.

Continue reading

Emerald Cup 2015 December 12 & 13

The Emerald Cup, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA December 12 & 13, 2015

Here we are again, it’s Harvest! And December’s big west coast cannabis festival is looming just over the horizon, just past Thanksgiving in the midst of the holiday season, Santa Rosa County Fairgrounds is the place to be on December 12 and 13. This description from their website sums it up nicely:

From its small beginnings in Laytonville over a decade ago, The Emerald Cup has proven itself to be “The Definitive Cup for the Fall Harvest.” The Emerald Cup has transformed into not only a… Continue reading

  • Federal Judge orders county to rewrite department policy
    Victory at last for some small time growers in NorCal. ---Quote--- A group of Lake County residents who filed a federal civil rights suit against the Sheriff’s Office after deputies cut down their cannabis plants have prevailed in getting local law enforcement to change tactics. The issue...
  • HOLY SMOKE! -- The Church of Cannabis?
    Does cannabis and religion mix well? Here is a recent article from The Guardian. It started, naturally, with a group of friends smoking a joint. Steve Berke, a graduate of Yale University, was temporarily living in an old church in Denver, Colorado. His estate agent parents had bought the...
  • Anti-Cannabis Propoganda.
    In this thread I would like us all to look at and evaluate the main-stream-media's anti-cannabis stance by fielding reports/articles that are negative towards cannabis and cannabis users. To get the proverbial ball rolling on this, here is a Reuters article claiming that 'Marijuana use holds...
  • Cannabis Grower Buys California Town to Build Pot-Friendly Outpost
    check it out https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-03/cannabis-grower-buys-old-west-town-to-build-pot-friendly-outpost