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Cannabis Parties

Want a good time?  If your name is Miley Cyrus you can just call up Snoop Dog to plan a birthday party.

The latest thing since cannabis legalization is the cannabis-themed party, event or happening. Gurus of cannabis catering have emerged with avant-garde foodie dreams to indulge your wildest ganja infused fantasies. From coast to coast people seem to be serving cannabis with, and in, almost everything. Along with the usual smoking options, your guests can enjoy cannabis enhanced edibles at your next dinner party, setting a mellow tone for the evening.

If you’re not totally baked already, you can do it yourself! Here are some thoughts about putting on your own cannabis themed party, wedding, or weekend barbecue.  Take some time to plan your party in advance. It will certainly make it more fun for everyone, and easier on you, the host, when it comes to cleaning up afterwards.

Rolling some joints and cleaning the bong is not enough for a good party. You’re going to need enough weed for your guests, and edibles, to make it a great time. Plan to supply enough regular food and drinks also, you don’t want people overdoing it, then finding them asleep in the corner the next morning.

Set and Setting – in the old days of the 1960s when dropping acid, you would always plan the set and setting, so your experience wouldn’t be a bummer. You should think about it the same way when planning a cannabis party.

The Viceland Bong Appetit dinner party at a house in Sherman Oaks, to promote the show’s second season

Photo courtesy of Viceland.

First thing to think about is alcohol. If you want it or not. It can be problematic to mix cannabis and alcohol, especially when tempted by seemingly vast arrays of edibles, smokables and vapes. Too much of anything leads to overload, so give it some thought in planning.

Of course the key ingredient at your party is going to be the cannabis. Can you provide some indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers, and a variety of concentrates? It’s best to provide a mix for success, along with all the tools needed. An array of clean bongs, pipes, bubblers and rigs are essential. And a place to clean things up.

The Cannabis Bar – I remember how Dad would setup a bar for get-togethers, and put out the beer and liquor with glasses, ice and mixers for a party. Well now you can do it up righteously with your own cannabis bar. Set it up with bowls of buds, pre-rolled joints, rolling papers and a bubbler/bong station with an assortment of pipes for smokers, and ashtrays. If you’ve got a budget, get some personalized giveaway lighters and set them out, because you know that all lighters are going to walk away during the party anyway. Of course there should also be some hemp beer, wine and infused beverages. Don’t forget to provide an oil rig, as there will be dabbers.

Photo credit: eric.e-sandler @ https://cannasos.com

The Food Buffet should include an assortment of clearly-marked or labeled cannabis infused foods along with other real foods as a balance. Visit your local dispensary or retail store for ideas, or just buy what you can and display them nicely. If you have the basics, create your own oil and infuse a number of different foods. You can use any standard recipe and then infuse the finished product with your home made cannabis oil. To keep the potency high, remember to bake goods at 350 F or less, and everything else at as low a temperature as possible. Anything hotter than 350 will degrade the precious cannabinoids.

Serving regular non-infused food and beverages are also important. Not only to cure the raving munchies, but some foods like mangoes have a natural well-known ‘high’ boosting agent in the form of myrcene terpenes which help get THC through the blood brain barrier. When visiting Amsterdam coffeeshops and smoking, we found that drinking Mango juice not only soothed the throat but opened your mind greatly when stoned.

Other things to consider eating to enhance your high are nuts and coconut oil which contain healthy fats to improve the absorbtion of THC into your body. Herbalists say that common foods and herbs such as broccoli, sage and bay leaves contain compounds which help open your airways.

Well all this is beginning to sound like a lot of work, so maybe it’s best to just search the web for ‘cannabis caterers’ and get them to do the job!

There’s lots more to read about this, and watch too!

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