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Mother Lode Gardens 2015

by Shcrews

Cannagraphic Join Date: July, 2008


The new year has arrived and that means big things here at the farm, even though it is pretty boring right now. But we have big plans for big plants! Please follow along and bless me with some good conversation, advice, and questions.

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Mother Lode Gardens Sign

We have about 30 different Bodhi strains to choose from, including three more packs of Ancient OG which yielded more than anything else last year, and is now discontinued.

Here is what we have to choose from, so far!
-Ancient OG (Iranian Landrace x Snow Lotus)
-Blueberry Hashplant (Blue Dream x ’88 G13 HP)
-Cherry Hashplant (Afkansastan x ’88 G13 HP)
-Dream Beaver (Dirty Hippy x Appalachia)
-Dream Lotus (Blue Dream x Snow Lotus)
-Goji OG (Nepali OG x Snow Lotus)
-Golden Triangle (Triangle Kush x Appalachia)
-Heaven Mountain (Goji OG x Appalachia)
-Jabba’s Stash (Pre98 Bubba x Snow Lotus)
-Lando’s Stash (Pure Kush suge x Snow Lotus)
-Lion’s Milk (Pure Kush suge x Appalachia)
-LoveDawg (Love Triangle x Appalachia)
-Love Triangle (Triangle Kush x Snow Lotus)
-Mother’s Milk (Nepali OG x Appalachia)
-Pink Lotus (Pink Panther x Snow Lotus)
-Pura Vida (Hollywood Pure Kush x Appalachia)
-Red Eye Jedi (Skywalker OG x Deadly G)
-Satsuma (Cali Orange x Snow Lotus)
-Silver Mountain (Super Silver Haze x Appalachia)
-Sky Lotus (Skywalker OG x Snow Lotus)
-Snow Leopard (ChemD Uzbeki X Snow Lotus)
-Snow Queen (Pine Queen x Snow Lotus)
-Solo’s Stash (Hollywood Pure Kush x Snow Lotus)
-Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Cheech Wizard x Appalachia)
-Soul Train (Trainwreck x Snow Lotus)
-Strangelove (GSC forum cut x Instant Karma)
-Strawberry Milk (Nepali OG x Instant Karma)
-Sunshine Daydream (Bubbashine x Appalachia)
-Superstitious (Stevie Wonder x Snow Lotus)
-Tiger’s Milk (Pre98 Bubba x Appalachia)
-Tranquil Elephantizer v2 (Snow Lotus x Deadly G)
-White Lotus (The White x Snow Lotus)
-Wish Mountain (Afkansastan x Appalachia)
And also:
– Apollo 11 Genius f4
– NL#5 Ortega durian x Snow Lotus
– Afkansastan x Snow Lotus
– WiFi #3 x Snow Lotus
– Stardawg x Goji OG f3

This county has a 24-plant limit, which really sucks because we can’t grow all the strains we have. We really wanted to try a few other breeders, like Rare Dankness, Ganja Rebel, and Loompa, but we will have to wait until the ordinance changes or I find another spot. We will plant 15-20 different strains this year. Almost every pot will be different, except we will probably have 5-10 Ancient OG’s spread out on a hillside, in total about one acre.

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