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CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA Located on the Caribbean coast, this vibrant port city is the gateway to the interior of Colombia. International Cannagraphic correspondent Red Rider arrived here many years ago and has had many adventures in his quest to find the original Colombian Gold cannabis strains. Hello everyone, I thought it might be nice to re-live some fine Colombian memories.

Here are some pictures of plants and bud I obtained when I first moved here decades ago.

I first smoked Colombian back in the mid ‘70s but around ‘85 it disappeared. After the year 2000, I returned to Colombia and not only found the great old Colombian Gold, but also grew it for myself.

The Colombian Gold I know is golden green/brown to almost blond in color and has a distinct sweet taste. The original happy weed has the unique ability to make any situ- ation seem better. Not known as the most potent Colombian, but still more than adequate to get the job done, even one hit gets you there. A very euphoric long-lasting effect that really satisfies your cannabis itch. Colombian Gold is an all-time favorite classic and I always keep it near.
These girls grew in my courtyard in ‘04. When I cut down the huge Sativa plant, the woman upstairs came down and asked me why I took it. I told her it was time to harvest it, and gave her a lump of the Punto Rojo dry sift I had.

That night I had to knock on their door and ask if they could keep it down. She and her husband were getting it on so loud it woke our baby up. They said ‘okay,’ but not five minutes later they were at it again!
One of my best experiences was when visiting the mountain villages where my wife had relatives, and my experience with an old time grower was unique.

When I met the grower, I had no idea this guy had anything at all to do with cannabis. He was just one of a few gentlemen I was introduced to with the wife during our visit. After the introduction the wife went in the house, the men stayed outside to talk.

The usual gringo questions were asked like where are you from, how do you like Colombia and so on. Then the conversation turned to “Aguardiente” and a bottle appeared. Colombians are very proud of their local Aguardiente, and these guys wanted me to have a taste. One never refuses an offer of food or drink, as it is considered rude here. So I had a shot, and of course had to make a big fuss about how good it was. One man mentioned his daughter going to live in Washington, DC.

I was feeling pretty good from the 3 or 4 shots of aguardiente and mentioned to him that 4 states and DC have legalized cannabis. He said he had heard that, then began telling me about growing and selling cannabis (for export) in the early ‘70s. Of course, I told him I enjoyed smoking and the Colombian I had in the ‘70s was the best yet.

With that he grabbed the bottle and invited me to follow him. We walked around the back of the old farm house and had another shot. He opened the lid on a big clay pot sitting in the corner of the porch and pulled out a nice handful of golden buds and handed it to me.
I was blown away, totally not expecting that, I quickly stuffed the bud into my jacket pocket. Now I really wanted to smoke, but the situation just wasn’t right, so we continued talking.

Soon it was time to leave and head back to the hotel for dinner. After a quick goodbye and hearty ‘thank you’ to Carlos and the rest of the family, we were off. What a great day that was!
When I first moved to Colombia in 2003 the crippy had not yet invaded…Santa Marta Gold was what I first grew, with seeds from a friend. Santa
Boyacá is located in the Andean Region in central Colombia, spread over the Cordillera Oriental mountain range and covers a total area of 23,189 km.

Boyacá is known as “The Land of Freedom” because this region was the scene of a series of battles which led to Colombia’s independence from Spain. The first was on 25 July 1819 in the Pantano de Vargas, and the final and decisive battle known as the Battle of Boyacá was fought on 7 August 1819 at Puente de Boyacá.

Villa de Leyva is considered one of the finest colonial villages of Colombia, and was declared a National Monument on December 17, 1954 to preserve its architecture.

Paipa is a town and municipality in the Colombian Department of Boyacá.

Somewhere in this area my finca awaits me, I will know it when I find it, or it will find me!
This is Boyacá.

This department (state) feels very comfortable and safe. Great people, the best fresh food and drink, with a perfect year-round climate.
Above: Colombian grown Johnny Blaze Below Left:
Nirvana Afghan F-2
Right: Colombian X Afghan F-1
SMG X Afghan F-1 Colombian grown White Rhino
These are the seeds I’ve collected and would like to begin working on the farm.

All are from samples I obtained myself here and tested for effects. I selected only those that I felt were the best of the non-crippy domestic Colombian origin.
Having only a limited amount of seeds to breed with, I want to keep each line separate from each other.

As soon as I find the perfect finca we will begin growing our own Colombian Gold, and other varieties right here in Colombia!

From seeded bud originating in Manizales. It has the effects of a high potency sativa plant, tranquilizing, calming with a strong euphoric undertow.
Colombian Black #1 The effect is delayed and only two or three good hits are required to achieve a medical dose. She has a ceiling and smoking too much creates a undesirable sedative effect.
It’s somewhat thought provoking, given proper stimulation. Not bright or overly happy but still optimistic within the thought train, making for a good positive overall experience. It finishes with a sleepy but refreshing effect and is a better evening smoke.

Tolerance is moderate, recommended no more than once a day for maximum effect.

From an especially potent seeded bud of Cauche, obtained in Bogota.
Very narcotic effect, strong with almost instant onset. Rich, heavy taste with expansion and coughing in the lungs. Crushed flowers were very sticky and had to be cut rather than broken up to burn.

Super potent for Cauche, overall it’s devastating, with long-lasting duration. No hiding the fact you’re medicated with this. It has a hangover if abused (not bad) and the finish is very sleepy, but no headache or body pains.
Colombian Red Colombian Black #2 When I returned to Bogota in 2011, Colombian Red found me. She didn’t look very good, a big clump of reddish brown seeded tops. With a subtle but spicy red hash (Lebanese?) musty smell that was interesting.

On closer inspection the buds were very red, rusty-colored and covered in fuzzy resin. The taste is sharp and distinct with that unmistakable Colombian flavor. But the effect is what really got me, like a hammer from God, this stuff smacks you square in the head from the first contact.

It overtakes you instantly, so deep sex is the first thought. This weed has the best “aphrodisiac” properties in the world (to me).

Some of the other effects are very red eyes, a stupid look, and dry mouth. Not good for all-day smoking.

Best for special indoor events with like-minded partners of the sexual kind (your choice).
Golden Corinto Nice semi pressed finger length buds that were moderately seeded. Not “fuzzy” or particularly sticky, no special scent. Actually not very potent, not overwhelming but you certainly felt her effect. The effect starts right away with an uplifting, mood brightening feeling that sort of sweeps you in to euphoric bliss.

With this, the more you smoke, the happier you get, high and higher until laughter. Really good stuff, great while having a couple beers since it has no downer effect at all.
Very little tolerance although you do end up smoking more with daily use but always able to hit that happy spot. Similar in effect to the Golden Corinto, however this strain is noticeably stronger and slightly more exaggerated in effect. Long fingers, thick, slightly pressed, fully seeded buds.

All seeds were fully mature and buds covered in a golden fuzz, sticky to the touch.
The effect comes on a little slower and the taste is sharper and more pronounced.

The same “happy” feeling starts coming on and building. Then in a euphoric frenzy I begin to feel incredibly creative, and inspired to write or build something useful.

It’s a wonderful motivational sensation that continues till the effect leaves you. The effect alone is awesome enough but the best part of the effect is the finish. It just ends, no after affect at all, it’s like you were never high, never that high.
Golden Sativa
It is known that in order to grow premium cannabis, long periods of intense light are required. Indisputably the sun is the most powerful light source on the earth, and that tells me the best plants come from outdoor grows under natural sunshine.

So, I think that better light results in better pot. And where on earth is the most intense sunshine? The tropics of course!

No winter, and year-round sunlight. Now here’s the icing on the cake, high altitudes experience stronger sunlight. So tropical latitudes at extreme altitude equals extraordinarily great cannabis lighting. Colombia also boasts a uniquely fertile soil medium for growing, due to its volcanic origins.

If you have all these factors and the right strain, you should have a perfect expression of the Colombian Gold cannabis genetics!

Within Colombia are many micro-climates.

Within 50 miles of Bogota there are over 130 distinct micro-climates, and I’m betting one of those is the perfect climate for my very own cannabis finca. I hope to find it soon!