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HL45’s Harvest Large Herb Lounge

SnoDog in Organic DirtHL45 joined the site in 2013, and has been impressing us with his skills ever since. He began this thread in September of 2015, and said: “I haven’t started a thread in a while, I have been extremely busy with my upgrade to father status. I like (grow) threads because it helps me track my progress.”

This is a synopsis of his thread titled “HL45’s Harvest Large Herb Lounge.” You can view the entire thread by clicking here.

In the first slider are some examples of his fine buds, and some shots of the grow rooms.

This is the Snow Dawg.
It is held fairly tightly
and I have been asked not to pass it out.
Grown organically in dirt.

Platinum Kush.
Highly prized and rarely, if ever, shared.

The 8K room in vegging state. The floro has been on 24/7
while the 1ks are only on for 12 hours a day.

This is a 9k 16 plant room, just loaded with Snowdog, Barney's Farm LSD, Cinex, Dire Wolf, Strawberry Diesel, 9lb Hammer, and La Blanca.

Another image of the 8K room,
almost ready for chopping.

While HL45 is well known for his indoor, his outdoor efforts are equally awesome. But along the way one always has a few bugs outdoors, as you will see in this next slider. Beginning with a wall of buds to tantalize you!

"All in all you're just another bud on the wall."

Found some interesting eggs while cleaning up the smaller row of plants, my guess is cucumber beetles. Gooey growing outdoors... Barney's Farm LSD outdoors. Closeup of the Gooey outdoors. These monster buds are Snow Dawg growing indoors in organic soil.

I’m still doing vert rooms and am about to build out a 10 light room soon. I’ve been playing with organic dirt again and enjoying it… My plate is full my days are long, my life is sweet.