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Tahoe Fire by
Five Legged Goat
Lavender Kush
by StRa
Crazy Kush
by Highersolutions
Frisian Dew by

Whadeezlrg’s Container Grow

Another big favorite in Deezy’s Container is Jelly Donuts:

And of course there is the ultimate, Million Dollar Baby at the moment of being chopped:

In conclusion: Deezy’s Container Grow is a great example of re-purposing existing materials from the environment, using the container to grow awesome cannabis discreetly.

How about a solar powered grow? Anyone ready for that challenge? I know it can be done – time and technology are on your side and great advances have been made. How about a combo solar/wind setup? There is an abundance of geothermal energy available in certain areas; in Northern California they produce enough power for many thousands of homes and businesses this way.

Grow on Deezy!

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