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Impromptu Outdoor 2015 – Nothing Like Last Minute

wdi september 16 image 19Who Dat Is has been at it this summer, creating spots here and there along the hills in his area to grow plants. Many growers could use this method easily and cheaply to grow not only cannabis but other garden vegetables and herbs in deer-populated areas where fenced yards are not feasible for one reason or another.

Who Dat Is says he likes to play with power tools, which makes all this easier. Here is a slider showcasing how he prepares a spot and builds a planter. Click the right and left arrows to move back and forth, or click the buttons at the bottom for each slide.

And now WhoDatIs has won the 2015 Blue Ribbon Botanist award in the Outdoor Growing Contest of ICMag.com!

Gold Seal Ribbon

A great spot for planting! First a leveled spot,
then the pallet...
The box is complete. Next step:
Line the cage with wire.
Then line the box with cloth. And now you can fill the box with your soil. Now you can add the magic ingredient! Baby girls :)

WhoDatIs says that “organic living soil is the only way I’ve ever done it. I never saw any need to branch out and start buying fancy equipment and bottled potions.” Therein lies a secret to his success.

“I settled on making my own smart pot of sorts with landscape fabric and welded wire fencing. I don’t know if I would recommend somebody else try this route but I like using power tools and other manshit.”

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