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A Glossary of Technical Genetic Terms

Collected by OGBub and edited by J.Cannabis.

Algorithm: In computational terminology, a programme designed to perform
a specific calculation or problem-solving function.

Allele: An alternative form of a gene at the same chromosomal locus.

Amino acid: The constituent subunits of proteins. Amino acids polymerize
to form linear chains linked by peptide bonds; such chains are
termed polypeptides. There are twenty naturally occurring amino
acids of which all proteins are made.

Antibody: A protein produced by the immune system in response to an
antigen (a molecule that is perceived to be foreign). Antibodies bind
specifically to their target antigen to help… Continue reading

  • most potent strains in seed form
    something under $150 for a pack of 5/10 would like a haze or thai, but something potent and frosty like glue would be nice
  • Head Seeds
    Anyone still running any of his crosses or have them in storage? Of course I want some, but if anyone has any pics I can drool over...
  • Subcool Loses In Fire Damage
    I never bought Subcool seeds but have seen him on YouTube. ---Quote--- A noted cannabis breeder and seed seller who goes by the name of Subcool reported Tuesday losing his home, seedstock and source plants used to make cuttings, called “mothers.” Subcool’s colleague reported on...
  • Mendocino Purps F1....Pirates/CSI
    Totally in awe of this girl...dunno what else to say :biggrin: Soil grown, BioBizz nutes under a Dimlux 630CMH Full Spectrum. Image: https://www.icmag.com/ic/picture.php?albumid=53423&pictureid=1792568 Just as she got some well needed new heels... Image:...
  • My Mother Plants Video (Zkittles, Girl Scout Cookies, Animal Cookies and more!)
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VCHWt91zvJA Here's a video of the strains I got in my mother room. I got a few Forum Cut Girls Scout Cookies, Zkittles, Girls Scout Cookies, Animal Cookies, 98 Bubba Kush and Original Glue #4
  • Herb that makes your jaw clench
    I have some amnesia at the moment which has the unusual effect of making me clench my jaw. I've never had this before from herb, it's subtle but quite noticeable. Anyone else had this before? Weird!!
  • Looking for a strain for good yield in short time with SOG on hydro or aeroponics
    Hi, I am looking for a strain which I want to use in the following context: - SOG - Hydro or aeroponics - high yield - minimal time till harvest - mother plant and cloning Could you give me some recommendations to begin with?
  • Haze C
    Just a quick question, does anyone know if the HAZE C male has ever been released to the public? Or is shanti the only one that holds it? Would be nice to get my hands on it due to breeding potential.
  • whos had some good hazes lately , and were from?
    greetings folks , as of late ive a chem fiend running various cuts of stardawg chems and ogs past few years but lately i got real nice pheno of silver mountain that got me wanting some good hazes back in my life now i the time and space to grow them, this cut is very […]
  • Freaking out! Did I Screw up?!
    Hey guys, So I just finally grew a nice looking plant and just harvested a week and half ago. I let the buds dry out for about a week, and they were basically done. So I put them in the jar 2 days ago to start curing and airing out once a day for an […]