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A Glossary of Technical Genetic Terms

Collected by OGBub and edited by J.Cannabis.

Algorithm: In computational terminology, a programme designed to perform
a specific calculation or problem-solving function.

Allele: An alternative form of a gene at the same chromosomal locus.

Amino acid: The constituent subunits of proteins. Amino acids polymerize
to form linear chains linked by peptide bonds; such chains are
termed polypeptides. There are twenty naturally occurring amino
acids of which all proteins are made.

Antibody: A protein produced by the immune system in response to an
antigen (a molecule that is perceived to be foreign). Antibodies bind
specifically to their target antigen to help… Continue reading

  • Diesel
    Ok people, I want to know what strain smells like pure diesel fuel. I have interests in original Diesel and Sour diesel (duh) any other suggestions? please let me know
  • Monkey haze tom hill thread?
    Anybody know how to access or have saved tom's deep chunkxhaze f2 thread? Looking for his breeding talk goals. Going through my last 3 packs. some funky plants to be found. I grew 2 packs upon release and made crosses that turned out amazing which made me want to preserve my remaining packs. Tia.
  • Dosidos with Current Culture h20 rdwc
    gonna grow out 12 dosidos in the current culture 12 site 8 gals under 4k. I am planning to document the grow the whole way through and hope to learn some new things about this strain and system along the way. As of right now I have 24 cutting in the ez cloner and the […]
  • A question for SAM SKUNKMAN
    I have seen the Breeders retail "Ancestral Skunk #1" which they say is from your old stock. I was wondering what year these are from, and if you can provide any more info about them. (rate of non-sweet skunk smelling plants, etc...) If you happen to see this please respond
  • BigHerbTrees(BHT) Hawgsbreath/ SD Hawgsbreath
    Hello All! I'm Here To Talk About The BHT Cut Of Hawgsbreath That Used To Go Around Here On ICMAG. I've Been Trying Yo Locate The Cut For A While Wondering If Anyone Has Seen It Or Know If BHT Is Still Around! From My Research I Believe The True Identity Of This Cut Is […]
  • Cloning GG#4
    If you run this search - problems cloning gg4, you get a lot of results that are people all over the place saying the same thing - they are experienced growers, blah blah but GG4 won't root or takes ages. Well I joined that crowd lately with my gg4 cut - it took nearly 3 […]
  • Roadkill Skank
    So I have a family member that's been growing old school skunk he acquired in the mid 70s. He has grown these roadkill outdoor culling all males except the best studs. Each year he uses at least 2 studs if possible. And 4 good sisters to breed with. After f15 generations they started looking...
  • Has anyone bred a cbn/cbd strain from hemp?
    Has anyone bred a medical strain from hemp native to the U.S.? Is it even possible?
  • The Hunt Is On: RKS aka Roadkill Skunk Type Pheno Hunt
    Some of you know I'm trying to find that holy grail pheno, and instead of trying the garbage that's mass produced I'm hunting old seed stock and private crosses probly never meant for any kind of treasure hunt, just a cool cross back then haha...as well as some new stuff thats promising...as...
  • Hobby Closet Breeder (Chucker) Seeks Big Buds
    Hi All, I have a few clones/mothers in the old closet, and I'd like to try breeding some bigger buds into 'em. I've been inspired by an older thread that popped up recently about people growing Heath Robinson strains. There are some pictures in that thread of, I think, AK and NL buds the size...