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Spring Has Sprung Outdoor Grow Contest 2016

Image above by Sacramental from his 2015 Outdoor Garden.

Spring Has Sprung, the grass has risen. It is time for a new contest in honor of this first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Announcing the All-New 2016 Outdoor Grow Contest!

Like on the Bill Maher Show, there are NEW RULES, in addition to the old rules, which I have simplified and summarized below:

This contest is self-nominating. To enter, create a thread in the Outdoor Growing Forums and begin posting images and information about your grow. No faces or identifying information about location is allowed.

No links to other sites, or social media allowed. No advertising in any way. This contest is for amateur photographers ONLY. If you post the same images elsewhere you are not eligible to enter this contest.

Entrants agree to allow ICMag to use their posted images and comments in any other promotional materials or advertising.

Staff and advertisers are not eligible for this contest.

There will be three prizes awarded (to be determined at a later date when we find a sponsor for this contest ). One prize per person, you can only win one category. Rules may change at management’s discretion. No cash prizes. Only ONE prize per category, ties will be decided by members in a run-off vote.

Gold Star Grower
– for the best overall garden

Blue Ribbon Botanist
– for the most outstanding product

Crystal Lens Photographer
– for the most wonderful photographs

Click here to view the story about the 2015 Outdoor Grow Contest Winners.

Happy Growing to all and Welcome Home Gypsy!!! Long may you remain free in health and happiness.