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Chanting Growers of the Cannagraphic

One of the longest-lasting threads on the International Cannagraphic is the Chanting Grower’s Group, started in July of 2004, by PassTheDoobie who refers to himself as a Bodhisattva of the Earth and Cannabis Aficionado. This thread grew and grew and became so large we began a second part which continues the chanting anew for the future.

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The Lotus Flower

Recently we asked an avid poster in the Chanting Grower’s Group to sum up for us why this thread has prospered and grown along with the International Cannagraphic since it’s early days online. Longtime site member, Weird, responded thoughtfully with the following words of enlightenment:

I was asked to write about the chanting thread, why is it still here after all these years. Well, simply put, it is here because people still continue the practice, but then that leaves open the question of what that practice actually is.

I have found it a difficult position to answer this question, not because there is a lack of propagation of the practice within my life, but rather that in my practice, I am nothing more than a simple practitioner, and while I have practiced for some time I do not consider myself an indoctrinated representative of the practice from any particular school or teacher formally enough to say I should be considered as such. I am simply someone with whom the practice has resonated and this thread has become a place to practice it.

The thread is called the Chanting Grower’s Group and was founded 10 years ago by PassThedDoobie, a member of our community. It introduces, encourages, educates and propagates the practice of chanting Buddhism, or more appropriately Nichiren Buddhism. For me this practice can most simply be summed up as being the most efficient means to live your life to the fullest potential while facilitating the same in others. It evokes joy within and harmony among others, as this is the underlying foundation of our fullest potential.

Its practitioners believe it to be the most expedient means of Buddhism available. This is because it facilitates the propagation of Buddhism in others while one is the process of practicing it to benefit oneself. This is simply manifested by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. The translated meaning of this in English is “Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra” or “Glory to the Sutra of the Lotus of the Supreme Law.” (it is a mantra that is chanted as the central practice of all forms of Nichiren Buddhism, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo being the Japanese title of the Lotus Sūtra. The mantra is referred to as daimoku by practitioners.) In learning the nature of causation in regards to human nature we become enlightened to the meaning of the ten spiritual realms and how we can be in possession of those realms which allows us to be Buddha.

Being Buddha is not a power over anything other than the human conditions that arise in ourselves and undermine the quality of our lives; and being Buddha does not give us power over other humans, but it allows us to help facilitate Buddhism in others through faith in our practice and through selfless giving in compassionate understanding of the human condition. This is the realm known as Bodhisattva. The capacity to understand the human condition and thrive within the framework of it is the prize, one we all rightfully deserve.

This thread has been a place for many who are foreign to the practice to start practicing with no other requirement other than to join in, chant, chant to your plants, put into play the simple action which is ultimately a form of “paying it forward” and see if there is causation in your life. If it makes sense to you and someone is interested, share it with them. There is no commitment other than that, no requirement other than self fulfillment. This is why this thread exists and continues to propagate Nichiren Buddhism today.

To learn more about Nichiren Buddhism and things like the ten realms visit this link.

Nichiren_calms_a_storm_in_Kakuda for siteNichiren calms a storm in Kakuda.

According to a Buddhist scholar: “In esoteric Buddhism, the heart of the beings is like an unopened lotus: when the virtues of the Buddha develop therein, the lotus blossoms; that is why the Buddha sits on a lotus bloom.” The lotus is one of Buddhism’s best recognized motifs and appears in all kinds of Buddhist art across all Buddhist cultures.

In Nichiren Buddhism the Lotus Sutra is the most important text in Nichiren Buddhism, and is given special veneration by the Nichiren sect along with the Gohonzon.

In Nichiren Buddhism, a honzon or gohonzon usually refers specifically to the moji-mandala (文字曼荼羅 “script mandala” or “mandala written with characters”) that is the object of veneration in various Nichiren schools.

In private settings, Nichiren Buddhist gohonzons are enshrined in a cabinet altar called a butsudan (“Buddha platform”).

~From Wikipedia

Chanting goes beautifully with growing cannabis. Much happiness is a result :)

This thread is considered to be the luckiest thread of ICMag.com.

Visit the Chanting Grower’s Group for more information.