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Photo Contest 2014

See the winning photos from IC Mag’s 2014 Photo Contest.

April 2014
Homero - Cocoa Kush F2
The International
Cannagraphic Photography Contest Winners
Congratulations to the winners!

Many thanks to MAIG for maintaining the photo contest for more than ten years! :)
May 2014
Uncle Fishstick
Gorilla Glue #4
June 2014
Ron Smooth
July 2014
Beach Bass
August 2014
Professor P

September 2014
Green & Purple Haze x Thai

October 2014

November 2014
Organic Grower
Sour Strawberry Kush

December 2014
No Reason

January 2015


The Purps x Alphadog

February 2015
El Gato
Peyote Purple x C99

A Flash from the Past!

A few photo contest winners from 2004

SmokeyPuffmaster MyBeans420 AbbyNormal Jimmy Nitz